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Best WT, ITF and ATA Taekwondo uniforms, belts, sparring gear and training equipment manufacturer in China was established by China Martial Dream Sports Goods LTD in 2008 and on the web since 2010, we are dedicated in bringing you the best Taekwondo martial arts products. With over 300 professional taekwondo products, is the largest and most professional online suppliers for all your taekwondo needs.

We are specialized in the design, custom OEM, production, sale and export of WT, ITF and ATA taekwondo supplies. For the past 14 years, our top quality taekwondo products including uniforms, belts, sparring gear (head guard, chest guard, groin guard, gloves, shin guard and feet guard) and training equipment (mats, punching bags ……) have been supplied to 500+ Taekwondo academy, club or organizations from all over the world.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Taekwondo supplies production factory from China, One-stop service for your Taekwondo training or business.

Factory Wholesale

Cheap price wholesale from our 13+ years professional factory directly.

OEM / ODM Customize

Customized Graphic Logo, Text, Size, Color, Material, Packaging etc.

Top Quality

Sample available, Production monitoring, On-site factory check

Fast Shipping

Fast, reliable shipping by ocean or air

Supplies By Categories

High Quality WT and ITF Taekwondo and ATA Martial Arts Uniforms, Belts, Sparring Gear and all the training Equipmeng

WT Taekwondo

Uniform Dobok, Belts, Sparring Gear

ITF Taekwondo

Uniforms, Belts, Sparring Gear

ATA Martial Arts

Belts, Uniforms, Sparring Gear

Training Equipment

Taekwondo Mats,

Customers Reviews

Over the past 13 years, more than 5,000 customers have rated our taekwondo products highly

Parts of Partners

Taekwondo Dojos, schools, clubs, championships and Olympic organizations from all over the world partner with us.